Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Living My Dream

Hi there, Welcome to Susan's Studio Arts and Silk Road Fabric Arts.

Eight months ago I was asked to leave the runway (fired, voted off the island, laid-off, whatever you choose to call it) today am living my dream - with some trepidation mind you.  Ten years ago I learned to quilt and since then I have been dreaming of having my own quilting studio.  Many of the quilts made in the last ten years were given away to friends, many have used them to adorn their homes but a few have paid me the honor of using their quilt as a source of comfort, to cover the incubator of their babies or whenever they had to go for their cancer treatments.  A few of my art quilts were entered into competitions and shown in art galleries.  Now, armed with the knowledge of taking tons of quilting classes (and still doing so), attending shows in Houston Texas, Tennessee, Sisters Oregon, Fort Lauderdale Florida I am ready to move to the next step on this exciting journey.

Each day I arrive in my studio (the master bedroom of our home) dressed and ready for "work".   I am in the process of putting borders on one commissioned quilt top and binding another.

Tomorrow I go to Quiltplay in North Miami for my first lessons on the HQ18 Avante longarm quilt machine. I am thrilled to be taking this class.

Thanks for the visit and stay tuned for tomorrow's adventures.

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