Friday, May 6, 2011

First Encounters

Quilts are such beautiful things.  It is unusual to find quilts in the twin island states of Trinidad and Tobago where I grew up.

Our neighbor married an English woman and one afternoon while my mom and aunts were discussing their sewing projects over a cup of tea, Suzie brought over her quilt.  There was great excitement, as I don't believe we had ever seen a quilt in progress.  She was making the quilt for the coming baby's room.

Years later, when I married my husband and moved to Detroit MI, we visited the Detroit Museum of Art and there I saw for the first time, the most breathtaking Japanese art quilts.  The beauty of the silks, the attention to detail, the perfect stitches, made your heart stop.

Since that time to now, I have seen hundreds of quilts; at quilt shows, quilt shops,  hanging on laundry lines in back yards and museums all across America and it is important to remember, that whether the quilts are hung on a wall as art to be admired, covers a bed, cradles a child or comforts a woman/man, it is a thing of beauty.  It was made with care and thought, strength and determination.  It is the quilt maker's gift to the world.

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