Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Crazy Quilts

"Crazy quilting can be defined as a method of laying down bits and pieces of fabric in a haphazard fashion and sewing or appliqueing them to a whole cloth."  Judith Baker Montano

This style of quilting was born in 1876 at the World Fair held in Philadelphia.

The embroiders who visited the Fair fell in love with the asymmetrical designs of the Japanese art and ceramic exhibits.  The designs had a crazed look which is incorporated into their  patchwork.  This gave them a wonderful opportunity to show off their needlework skills as every seam line was (should be) embroidered. The spaces between the lines were (should be)  filled with even more embroidery.

 More is good!

Crazy quilts have no other purpose than to be beautiful. They are items for display.

Rich velvets, silks, blended cottons, brocades, lace, beads and bling are just some of the fabrics and findings used to create these lavish pieces. 

Threads and fibers create texture and movement, sparkle, adds interest and dimension.

I love crazy quilting because I'm able to combine needlework and quilting into one beautiful project.  I'll share the progress of this quilt, so stay tuned.


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