Thursday, January 9, 2014

Through the Stargate

Stepping through the Stargate we scream across the galaxy to the icy surface of Europa, Jupiter's sixth moon.
The first time I saw Jupiter and her moons was in 1986. My brother and I were chasing Halley's Comet and went to the St. Augustine Campus of the University of the West Indies, Trinidad, to see the comet through the telescopes mounted on the roof top of one of the campus' buildings.
I was a little disappointed with the comet. It looked like a dirty cotton-ball racing across the night sky.  I knew there would less disappointing entities in the vault of heaven, so I swung the telescope around and encountered Jupiter and her moons.  If I were in love with the night sky prior to that moment, that love just intensified.  I now have my own telescope and find myself up at all hours of the night, often in very cold temperatures staring up at the stars.

I'm fascinated with the heavens...and crop circles.  On December 30, 2013, my baby cat was injured and the days following his injury were spent sitting with him while he healed. I used that time to think and research what I would like to work on in 2014. While browsing a book on crop circles, the germ of an idea took root. The first designs were expressed on needle felted ATCs - Stargates (see earlier postings).

I used the ATC's to play with ideas and now I'm working on a 4" by 6" fabric card, hoping to work my way up to an 8" by 10". I have taken great artistic license with portraying the warming of Europa's surface, (see above) and to see photos of the actual warming, click here, Europa's Icy Surface. 

I hope to finish this card soon, so watch this space...

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