Friday, January 17, 2014

Beneath A Martian Rock

Ever since I swung that telescope around in 1986 I've been captivated by space.  On many a clear night I've trained my telescope on the Red planet as Mars is often called and I've followed in awe the exploration of Rover and Opportunity.  Sure, I know that the surface of Mars does not look anything like this but it was fun to play with the threads and beads all the while imagining what a rivulet might look like, are there trilobites or any other life forms on the Martian surface?
Hand embroidery calms my soul and allows my imagination to soar.  This fabric art card has the Brazilian Dimensional embroidery stitch, the double cast-on which I've used to create my "trilobites." I love the ribbed spider web stitch and what would the surface of Mars be without french knots?

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  1. I just love the colours!

  2. let's hope life on mars looks a fraction as interesting as you imagine. brilliant.

    1. Well, if these rocks keep mysteriously appearing in front of Opportunity, you never know what we'd find and thank you for visiting.