Monday, January 27, 2014

Beneath A Martian Rock - Camouflage

My imaginary exploration of the Martian surface continues with Camouflage...
The background is needle felted, with wool and silk rovings, cheese cloth, organza and wool stuffed tubular knitting ribbons. I couched the knitting ribbon to hold it in place. Then I did a dense line of free motion stitching over it to create a nubby look. The drifting tentacles were free motion stitched on Sulky's Water Soluble Stabilizer.  The stabilizer was washed away leaving strands of stitched thread which I secured to the background with the ribbed spider web stitch and seed beads.

Did I mention how much I love doing hand embroidery?  I know doing needle work by hand takes time, but as you immerse yourself in the exercise of stitching, you can leave the world that demands so much of your attention, and focus if only for a brief period of time on the texture of the threads, the smoothness of the seed beads, the feel of the fibers. It's almost like going on a mental vacation!

I'm fond of Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery and as much as I like EdMar Rayon threads, I find them a little difficult to handle. Persistence, I think is the key to this thread is ever going to get the better of me!

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  1. so lovely, I am getting ready to learn some new to me embroidery stitches for a project I am going to do soon. I have not worked with the soluble stabilizer yet but have seen it demonstrated-cool idea to add lots of little threads. Happy Monday Kathy

  2. ...and Happy Monday to you too. Might I suggest a few websites with great tutorials for embroidery. You've probably visited them already but they are my go to sites. Mary Corbet's and Sharon Boggon's

  3. It looks amazing and your stitching is beautiful.

  4. Thank you for visiting...your blog is beautiful.

  5. Thank you...doing these my imagination runs wild. They are a lot of fun to do.