Friday, March 7, 2014

So I Changed My Mind!

So... I had a plan! It was not etched in stone but sketched on paper.  Erasers are wonderful things but I decided not to use them, as I would like to keep a record of alternative ideas that come along while I work the block.

This is a close up of the changes made to the original design.
So the block, which is not yet completed, looks like this. Note the two heart instead of the three along the center right seam as oppose to the middle seam as in the original drawing.  And what with the pink, I haven't used it anywhere in the block...yet!
Stay tuned... I'm sure there will be more changes to come.

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  1. It looks great too....I don't call it changing my mind, I normally say, I've just added a burst of creativeness.

  2. I like that. Thank you! I would love to use that line, I hope you don't mind.

  3. Not a change of mind so much as an evolution of an idea.

  4. It would be easier to just go with the plan, not to mention the time saving factor. Once the seam is changed a whole set on new challenges present themselves. Mary Ann you're quite is an evolution.

  5. Susan, I am still slowly making my way through the list of party-goers at the GYB party. It is slow going for me because of pressing family matters. Still, I hope to visit all.

    I have enjoyed my visit to your blog. It is beautiful and your creations are gorgeous!

    My blog is quite eclectic as my interests are varied. I love to sew, but have dabbled in just about every craft out there. I am formally retired, am a wife, mother, grandmother, among other things.

    I will be following you with Google Friend Connect so I can keep up with all the beautiful work you are doing. Perhaps you will find a moment or two to check out my blog and get to know me better. I do hope so!

  6. Lynn, your blog is beautiful and I wish your family the very best and I hope your SIL has a speedy recovery. Thank you for visiting. Hugs Susan.