Saturday, March 15, 2014

Dragon in April

In planning my blocks for April I chose this dragon print for the center of the light colored block. This block incorporates some of the fabric used in the prior light block (see Post titled, Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2014-March Block). I'm hoping to achieve a sense of unity and a smooth flow from one block to another.

As I work my way through the design process, I would often lay my threads, ribbons, lace, trim on the chosen fabrics to see how well they play together. Sometimes it works well, at other times, they shout "don't you even go there, lady!" At that point, I remove the offending detail and try another until I'm satisfied and/or happy that it might work. 

I pin like my life depended on it. The different weights of the fabrics used in piecing crazy quilt blocks tend to slip, slid, pull and twist as they move under the machine's needle.  Pinning helps to stabilize the fabrics. I just have to remember to get the pin out before the needle hits it.
The block is now ready to be embroidered but before I do so, I like to have an idea of where I'm going and perhaps the stitches I might use.  
An exact layout is drawn with possible stitch ideas.
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  1. The dragon fabric is beautiful. I can hardly wait to see how you embroider it!

  2. Thank you Lynn, I love working on all my block but I think this one is special as my dad was Chinese. He and my mother loved working in the garden together. I mentioned in an earlier post this quilt is about my mom's garden so I just had to include the loving dragon that was my father.