Monday, October 31, 2011

The Reliquary

Deep in the forest of Trinidad and Tobago lives Mama Dlo. The abbreviation of her name from the French "mama de l'eau" translates to "mother of the water".  Hunters often boast of seeing a beautiful woman sitting on river rocks warmed by the sun, loudly slapping her mermaid like tail on the surface of the water just before she disappears in a flash of green-gold.
She and her sometimes lover Papa Bois, are believed to be the guardians of the forest. Together they keep watchful eyes for any one who would be purposeless and wasteful in the killing of animals, cutting down trees or polluting the rivers and streams.  If such a person is caught my Mama Dlo, he finds himself married to her both in this life and in the next.
This reliquary (a place for sacred object) was created to house the memory of the love child of Mama Dlo and one such indiscriminate hunter.
I painted the box with Golden's black gesso, attached a Loteria Card to the back wall and added black/grey roses.  The love child and the Memory key are from Tim Holtz.
All Hallows Eve

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