Friday, October 7, 2011

National Quilt Museum

We took the back country roads after leaving St. Louis, MO driving through and around fields of sorghum, corn, alfalfa and soybean, going east, then south to Florida. Our destination - The National Quilt Museum in Paducah, KY. Founded in 1991 and by a special act of Congress, was awarded the designation "The National Quilt Museum of the United States".  It's the Mecca for quilters!  What an amazing place. It takes your breath away!  There were antique quilts, circa 1800s.  Quilts from the Chicago School of Fusing, (where admittance is determined by one's ability to find Chicago on the map) featuring quilt artists, 
Freida Anderson, Caryl Bryer Fallert, Denise Havlan, Jane Sassaman, Carol Taylor, Ricky Tims and so, so much more.  I have seen some of the quilts before, at the various shows, but upon seeing them again, I was just as fascinated as I was the first time I saw them. Judy Coates Perez' Primordial Sea, is one such quilt.
It took us about two (2) hours to see the entire exhibit, unfortunately one is not allowed to take photographs (copyright issues, flash issues and so forth) but I was allowed this one at the entrance to the Museum's shop.

While in Paducah, we took the opportunity to visit Eleanor Burns' shop Quilt in a Day and Quilters Alley.  We rang the door bell at Caryl Bryer Fallert's, Bryerpatch Studio but sadly, no one was at home.  Paducah is such a pretty town, we had lunch at Kirchoff's Bakery and Deli (made their first loaf of bread in 1873) and enjoyed a stroll along the Ohio River.  Our visit to the National Quilt Museum is one that I will not soon forget.  Hopefully my travels will bring me back to Paducah and to the National Quilt Museum.  Enjoy!

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