Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Embellishments: a decorative detail or feature added to something to make it more attractive.
The Oxford American College Dictionary.
There is no end to the possibilities for what an embellishment can be.  They can be made of paper, fiber, clay, metal or a combination. It can be painted or hand/machine embroidered. They can be treasured or found objects, one is limited only by one's imagination.

Embellies as they are called in the quilting and scrapbooking world can be used on hand-made cards, quilts, (art quilts are also included here), hats, clothing, etc.  I use embellishments to personalize some of my gifts, as in the card with the whisk. The young woman for whom this was made loves to cook.  The card was machined stitched, the Grungeboard heart was painted with acrylic paints and the whisk (embellie) was attached. The quilt is machined stitched and the glass "life preserver"(embellie) was hand stitched to the base fabric using metallic thread. Seed bead were then sewn onto the quilt. Enjoy.


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