Thursday, September 1, 2011

Beading Bracelets

It did not take my sister very long to discover the bead shop,  five minutes from the house.  Within ten minutes of walking into the shop we were signed up for a couple of classes.  Allison and I are both self taught bead queens and so we felt that a beginners class would fill-in some of the holes in our knowledge and introduce us to new ideas and explain how some of the basic tools are used.  That afternoon we learned wire wrapping, which was always a challenge for me, how to use the crimper, explained the bead board and introduced us to the bead stopper.
 Now I know what to do with all these beads, pearls, gears, etc. Did I mention magpie?

Armed with all this new found knowledge, we were off to the next class - netting and in our case, a bracelet.  After choosing our seed beads, crystals and clasps we settled in for two and one half hours of beading fun.  Allison made a red and gold to my green and blue bracelet.  As it turns out, we're pretty decent beaders.

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