Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Friendship and Travel

This commissioned quilt is a celebration of friendship and travel.  The quilt measures 106.5" x 73.5".  It consists of 60 10" log cabin blocks and at the heart of each block is a photograph that was printed on inkjet printable fabric sheets.  Working on this quilt was such an adventure for me, from the Canadian Rockies to the Step Pyramid of Egypt, I traveled with this couple to places I have never been to in the photographs they gave me.   Each photograph was machined appliqued to the block using a satin stitch.
Trapunto initials were done in the center of the quilt and a quote of friendship was machine embroidered on the top border.  To further emphasize the initials I used color pencils to deepen the color and sealed it with fabric medium.  The quilt was machine quilted by Perdiricci Quilting Services, Inc., and hand bound by me. I enjoy hand binding quilts, its a time of reflection and bonding with the quilt whether it's great or small.  
The colors of the quilt reflect the blue of the oceans as most of the travel is/was done on ships, the cream the various countries.  The back of the quilt is a floral pattern.   Enjoy!

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