Saturday, December 14, 2013


My first crazy quilt is done!
It is bound, tied and ready to be hung on the wall.  Just have to decide which wall.  I tied the quilt between the buttons on the front and small beads on the back which successfully hides the thread. The CQJP2013 was a wonderful experience.  The result is this amazing quilt which can be seen here in a video titled...A Year In Crazy Quilting!

Yes...I will be participating in the Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2014.  It was so nice, I'm doing it twice!
I'm looking forward to working on my first 2014 block which is diamond shaped, will be 6" finished, and would be arranged in a tumbling block pattern once all the blocks are completed.
My Sharon B's CQ stencils arrived last Monday and I cannot wait to start experimenting.
Also, I think I will use my stitching frame to stitch my blocks as it frees my left hand to use my laying tool.  I struggled last year as I held my block in my left hand while stitching with my right.  The frame will hold the block taut, which I hope, will result in a less distorted block that will lay flat.

My theme for the CQJP2014 is my mother's garden.  Sheila, who died six years ago, was an avid gardener and embroiderer.  She taught me my first embroidery stitches. I'm still working out the details of the blocks and keeping track of my thoughts in my design journal.
Stay tuned...