Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas Cameo Ornaments

Christmas is all about family and traditions. During the Victorian era it was considered a compliment to give a gift that was hand-made especially if that gift was made by the giver. The months leading up to Christmas Day were busy ones.  To the extent that the family could afford, they painted, glued and stitched their presents to each other. 

Bits of lace and trim, broken chains, charms, lockets, pressed leaves and flowers all found their way into the thoughtfully designed and lovingly stitched gifts.  The presents that have survived into the twenty-first century are now considered treasured heirlooms and rightly so.

I love all things Victorian...especially their concept of the importance of hand-made. We now live in a world that is so fast that hand-made is a rarity. 

A few years ago I received some vintage lace from an estate and have treasured the pieces.  To-day I stitched some of the lace, added cameos and trim to create these beautiful ornaments. 

 Thank you for visiting...enjoy!