Thursday, May 31, 2012

Embroidered Cave Walls

Caves are fascinating places. They are places of history, intrigue, mystery and art.  In my imagination my cave walls are covered with drawings, in some places flowers grow and in the distance you can hear water falling. 

In the distant past, the water carved out channels and if you follow those channels to its source, what will you find? Broken pieces of pottery, perhaps more drawings, stone tools, caves are never dull places. These five needle felted, machine quilted, fabric art postcards reflect my love of caves.  I took some liberty when creating these "walls" as they are made of wool and silk rovings in colors of purple and plum, pinks, soft blues, rich indigo and wild reds. There are lots of wild flowers, french knots of multicolored threads, piled one on top the other and running along deeply carved water courses. Vines of fly stitches made of variegated pearl cotton cling to lightly shimmering "walls", seed beads, metal findings are strewn across the cave "floor" and circular drawings of rayon threads abound.  Some drawings have been worn away by time but most are visible and very colorful.  Is that a trilobite?
Detail of Cave Wall
Five Needle Felted Fabric Art Postcards