Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sam Lord's Treasure

I entered my first cave when I was 16. Located in the Kanuka Mountains of Guyana, we found bats the size of West Texas, it stank to high heaven but the drawings on the walls and the broken pottery on the floor, fired up my imagination and fascinates me to this day.  Since then, I have visited many caves throughout the Caribbean.  Recently I have stared painting abstracts of caves e.g. Sam Lord's Treasure (left).

Samuel Hall Lord was a buccaneer who built his castle on the rugged cliffs of Barbados' east coast.  It's believed that the caves under the castle held much of the buccaneer's loot.  When I visited those caves, I found no treasure of gold or silver but within the walls were the ocean's treasure, fossilized sea snails and limpets and on the floor were the remains of shells in colors of silver, black, gold and pink. 
Detail of Sam Lord's Crosses
As much as I enjoy painting, I always come back to my first love, fabric, fibers and hand embroidery.  These two needle felted pieces are abstracts of cave walls done is silk and wool roving.  I have added beads and a couple of crosses (Mr. Lord may have missed those). They are heavily hand embroidered, using a variety of stitches e.g, fern stitch, french knots, bullion stitch, needle weaving, couching and the simple back stitch.
Sam Lord's Crosses

Two Red Limpets
The Two Red Limpets measures 2.5 x 3.5 inches (ACEO) and the Sam Lord's Crosses measures 4 x 6 inches.  Enjoy.

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