Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cool Caribbean Lime

The last days of May in Plantation Florida were just perfect.  And what do you do on perfect days in South Florida, why, you dye fabric.  I was able to dye just four yards before the wind picked-up and forced me and my bottles of dye back indoors.     
I used 100% PFD (prepare for dyeing) cotton and Procion MX dyes.  I chose a limited palette of five colors, lemon yellow, magenta, turquoise, bright green and amethyst.  In my last attempt to dye fabric, I used way too many colors and so the result was somewhat muddy.  
I like the results I got this time.  Dyeing fabric is part technique and part magic.  The magic occurs during the curing period, as color migrates across the cotton fibers, the longer it cures, the greater the migration and the result is more intense colors and surprising designs.  This particular dye lot cured for twenty-four hours, washed in hot water and Synthrapol, photographed and ironed.
  I love the rich, vibrant colors, they remind me of Boccoo Reef, Tobago.  Enjoy!

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